Commercial Lighting Control

Improving aesthetics, convenience and reliability, and reducing power costs

Lighting control systems enable access to multiple lighting scenes  set for mood, effect and feature lighting, or for preset raised and dimmed  lighting levels in particular areas, as the function and uses of the space change over the course of the day and evening. Accessed through in-wall keypads, preset scenes make it easy for staff to create the desired lighting effect with one button press.

Control systems can also schedule transitions between several preset scenes smoothly, consistently and automatically, and managers can  monitor and make changes to the lighting control system remotely over a  secure web browser if required. Audio visual equipment, security and other electrical systems can also be set, and controlled from a lighting control keypad or touch screen panel.

Lighting control systems can reduce the use of power, through programmed occupancy sensors  that turn lights off in unpopulated areas, and energy conserving dimmers. Traditional dimmers always use 100% of available power whether they are at 30% or 100%, whereas lighting control dimmers use 30% if set at 30%. Conserving energy offers significant savings in power costs.