Control Systems

Convenient and easy to use, control any of your technology systems on one device, with one press of a button

You no longer need to negotiate multiple remotes as an integrated control system enables you to control all of your systems from a single device, either from an in-wall keypad, or a hand held wireless remote. With one button press, you can control and automate any of your systems, from audio and visual systems, to lighting, HVAC, security and motorised blinds.

An integrated control system enables ease of use of your technology, is convenient and saves time.    We can program it to meet your specific needs and preferences.  For example, if you want to watch a movie, simply press 'watch movie', and the control system can turn on the TV, switch the amplifier to the correct input, start the film, and dim the lights. 

Control systems make using your technology un-intimidating and problem free. For example, in  a commercial setting, pressing 'start presentation' will ensure the audio visual system works every time,  for every user.

We can advise on the appropriate control system for your project.