Home Theatre

Creating the experience of being at the movies, at home

We offer an integrated design and installation approach to your home theatre, ensuring optimal audio visual performance.  We can lower projectors out of the ceiling, lift flat panel televisions out of a cabinet and shake the floor when the dinosaur runs across the screen.  Surround sound speakers can be made as invisible as you like, and with one touch of a remote you can start all the equipment. You'll never want to go to the movies again.

When designing your ultimate home theatre experience, we pay close attention to the environment in which it will be placed, so we can design the best system for you. We consider the following factors and their implications: whether it will be in a dedicated media room or as part of your lounge or family room; the acoustic qualities and physical dimensions of the space; and whether you want a discreet and minimalist approach, or big and bold.

To ensure quality sound reproduction for your environment, we factor in the appropriate selection of amplifiers, speakers,  and their placement.  To get the best visual experience, we  factor in viewing distances to the screen and ensure appropriate lines of sight and projection.  We advise you on High Definition, screen sizes, panels and projectors, motorisation, and lighting control.   For ease of use, we advise on one touch remotes.