Sound Systems

We design, supply, and install quality sound systems for your home

Whether you want a sound system for a single room, or music in every room of your house, we can custom design a solution for you.
We understand sound.
  We have the qualifications and experience to recommend a sound system  for your home based on the environment you are placing it in.  We consult and recommend the best system for you, rather than pushing one brand over another.

As well as single room stereo systems, we supply and install multi-room audio systems, which enable different music to be played at different volumes, in different rooms.
We can conveniently hide all equipment away from sight, in a central location, which reduces  the clutter in each room. We program a remote or on-wall keypad for easy operation of your music.

We understand that what things look like in your home is important,  so speakers are tailored to your individual taste, to be floor-standing, wall mounted, installed flush with the ceiling, or made invisible and plastered over completely.  

Our custom designed sound systems can be integrated seamlessly into your environment.