Museums & Galleries

Enhancing the visitor experience 

  • The inclusion of an AV system into your gallery or museum enhances the visitor experience, and can help communicate key concepts.  Whatever you intend to use the equipment for, we can help advise on what equipment is available, and assist you to  achieve your outcomes.
  • High Definition projection equipment can be customised and installed to suit the space.  We have flexible audio and paging solutions, operated from a keypad in the room or from a PC, that can send different audio sources to any room, at any volume. We can also design, supply and install every type of speaker system, even invisible ones - with dramatic results.
  • The inclusion of lighting control can enhance your exhibition spaces, and instantly recall complex lighting scenes  with a single button press, reduce your carbon footprint, and interface with and control other electronic systems. 
  • We train your key people and offer local after sales support.