Security Systems

Providing safety, security and peace of mind, and protecting people, property and assets

Alarm systems  are a proven deterrent against break-ins and theft,  and when they are activated  can alert the appropriate authorities. We can incorporate a range of  features including arming different areas independently from others,  and  recessing smoke detectors into the ceiling,  and hard wiring them so you will never have to change the batteries again.

CCTV - Closed circuit television systems can be installed to deter theft and monitor areas inaccessible to people.  CCTV systems use cameras to transmit pictures to a central viewing monitor which is then recorded.  In a residential setting this can be as simple as a camera at the door sent to your TV.  Cameras can also be viewed over a network when you are away.

Intercom systems restrict entry.  All intercom systems have a physical access point, which can be controlled electronically, and doors and gates  configured to open on activation from an inside station. Video monitoring for use with CCTV can  be integrated.
We can design your security system  integrating alarms, intercoms and CCTV, or as singular components.