Residential Lighting Control

Reducing your carbon footprint whilst enhancing comfort, security, convenience and your home's aesthetic appeal 

We program multiple lighting scenes for the varying uses of a space, enabling you to choose the lighting scene to suit your mood and use of the space at that time. Create instant ambiance, enhance the features of your rooms, raise and dim lights, or turn every light in your home on or off with one button press.

In-wall lighting control keypads conveniently control the lighting for any room, from any room. These systems also use energy conserving dimmers.  Traditional dimmers always use 100% of available power whether they are at 30% or 100%, whereas lighting control dimmers use 30% if set at 30%.

Systems can also schedule underfloor heating, towel rails, and air conditioning to turn on and off, and turn on driveway and outside lights as you enter the gate. When you are away from home, the control system can turn lights off and on to give the impression you are home,  and be  accessed over a secure web browser.