Structured Wiring

Enabling seamless integration of technology into your environment and ensuring significant future proofing

  • With a new building project, structured wiring enables your technology to fit and perform perfectly within your environment without visible wires and clutter. This low voltage wiring system provides the required foundation for your building's electronic infrastructure, distributing signals for audio, High Definition video, phone, data, and security, to outlets in single or multiple rooms.

  • When integrating systems together, we design a central, discreetly placed, cable distribution hub, and ensure appropriate placement of connection outlets for your equipment, with wall plates to suit your design aesthetic.

  • We  use high performance cables to link the central hub and connection outlets, enabling crisp and clear sound and visual reproduction, and efficient data communication.  We design and install all structured wiring features and liaise with your contractors to ensure your wiring installation occurs at the correct time within the building process.